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Skip vs The Tip: Pros & Cons

By 28th September 2016Recycling

Are you planning on having a thorough clean out of your home in search of unwanted items which are sitting around collecting a thick layer of dust or stashed away in the garage taking up valuable space? Or perhaps you’re having some work done to your home or garden and are thinking about how you’ll dispose of your old furniture and possessions?

Before packing your car full to the brim with your unwanted items to take off to the tip, we’re asking you to just stop and consider whether opting for your nearest landfill site really is the most effective way of disposing of your rubbish.

A safer and even more practical method of disposing of your rubbish could be instead to hire a skip.

Here are some of the reasons as to why you ought to hire a skip over going to the tip.

Cons of the tip

It’s harmful to the environment

Roughly 290 million tonnes of waste is produced every year according to this infographic published on Metro, and whilst the rate of recycling is steadily increasing, landfills are still being as dumping grounds for unwanted items.

An article published by The Guardian in May of this year reported that ‘Over 1,000 old landfill sites on the coasts of England and Wales are at increasing risk of being breached by erosion, according to a new study, posing a serious pollution danger to wildlife and bathing waters.’

Landfills can have a pretty damaging effect on the environment due to the methane created by rotting organic matter on landfill sites trapping heat, which has resulted in an increase in global warming.

Not only will hiring a skip over going to the tip help to reduce these harmful gases from landfill rubbish escaping into the atmosphere but saving a trip or potentially multiple journeys in your vehicle to the tip will also prevent damaging fumes being released into the air.

Landfills are unhealthy and unhygienic

It probably comes as no surprise that landfill sites aren’t the cleanest of places.

The Telegraph recently reported a study showing that homeowners situated within a 3-mile radius of rubbish tips could be more likely to be admitted to hospital, or suffer from lung cancer resulting from toxic pollutants released by the rotting matter.

Hiring yourself a skip is a much cleaner and safer way of disposing of your unwanted items. Sifting through potentially broken and sharp objects and then transporting them to the tip could also potentially cause injury, whereas putting your items straight into a skip is not only safer but is also a lot more hygienic.

Pros of the skip

We’ve already highlighted a couple of the benefits to choosing the skip over the tip in being a much more environmentally friendly and safer way of disposing of your rubbish, yet here a few more of the pros to be aware of.

Skips are easier and convenient

Did you know that you could save a lot more time and hassle getting rid of your rubbish by hiring a skip?

Cramming your car full of rubbish and driving off to the tip isn’t necessarily the most practical way to dispose of your rubbish, particularly when you could have a skip located just outside your home!

Should you be looking to dispose of quite a bit of rubbish, then the possibility of having a larger sized skip is much easier than potentially having to make multiple trips to the tip. Take a look at our range of skip sizes and options here at Reds Skips Hire, ranging from 2 yard skips right through to our larger 14 yard and multi skips.

No need to sort

Whilst you might have envisaged being able to head off to the tip and dropping your rubbish off anywhere you feel is convenient, this may not always be the case.

Some landfills may require you to sort your rubbish into specific categories and could, therefore, end up being more of a burden than you imagined.

Hiring a skip will eliminate the stress of having to sort through the rubbish as the skip hire company will do this for you.

Ideal for ongoing projects

Skip permit typically last from between one day and four weeks, and can also be renewed. This means that you can continue to use your skip over a period of time which is perfect for ongoing projects requiring a longer window of time to dispose of rubbish.

Whilst the obvious difference of opting for a skip over the tip are the costs involved in order to hire the skip, the ease and convenience of hiring a skip, not to mentioned the positive effects this has on the environment makes ditching the tip in favour of the skip the better and more practical option, for both you and the environment.