Our Tips for a Successful Project

Transforming your garden can be an exciting project, but it often generates a significant amount of waste. Hiring a skip is one of the easiest ways to simplify garden transformations of all scales and complexities, and as the leading providers of skip hire Essex has to offer we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Garden Waste Can You Put in Your Skip?

When planning a garden makeover, you’ll encounter various types of waste. Green waste (grass, leaves, plants, and weeds) is one of the most common types of waste we see in our skips, and we’re all too happy to dispose of it. you. You can also put soil and earth in your skip—perfect if you are digging new flower beds or re-landscaping your garden.

Old fencing, broken garden furniture, and tree branches are just three types of wood commonly seen in garden projects that we are able to take off your hands. Stones and rubble are suitable for skip disposal too, as is garden debris such as broken pots, garden ornaments, and packaging from your new garden supplies.

Responsible Disposal

We all want to do our bit for the planet, and disposing of waste responsibly is one of the most efficient ways to do so. We’re passionate about protecting the environment, and when you hire a skip from us you can be sure that your waste will be processed and then disposed of through all the correct channels. We recycle whatever we can, so your garden rubbish could one day be used to make something new!

Our Top Tips

To make the most of your garden makeover, make a note of our simple tips:

  • Plan ahead: Before starting your project, outline what needs to be done and consider the amount of waste you’ll generate. This will help you choose the right skip size and avoid delays.
  • Sort your waste: Separate your waste into different categories, such as green waste, soil, wood, and rubble. This not only makes loading the skip easier but also helps us to recycle more effectively.
  • Maximise skip space: Break down large items, such as old furniture and branches, to make the most of your skip’s capacity. Place heavier items at the bottom and lighter materials on top.
  • Avoid prohibited items: Ensure you do not place prohibited items, such as hazardous materials, electrical appliances, or tyres, into the skip. Not sure what to put in? We’ll provide you with a complete list of items that cannot be disposed of in our skips.

We’re Here to Help

With the height of summer almost upon us, there’s never been a more pressing time to get your outdoor space in order. By managing your waste with Reds Skip Hire, you can focus on bringing your garden vision to life without the stress of how to dispose of your rubbish. So why not give us a call today?



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